Implementation of Green Productivity Management in Airline Industry

ABSTRACT: Compilation and implementation of green productivity mechanism in each governmental and non-governmental organization has several environmental, social and economic achievements. In this paper for management of green productivity in Iran Aseman Airline Company current situation are analyzed such as the consumption of energy, water, airplanes fuel and evaluating environmental pollutants. At the end of this study some applicable techniques for increasing the productivity and consideration of environmental aspects in this company are recommended. Maximum water consumption had been 7500 m3 in the year 2005 during August until September, the maximum of electricity consumption was 759300 kWh in the year 2004 during July until August, the maximum of natural gas consumption had been 83647 m3 in the year 2004 during Feb until March , Also averages of 661500 L of fuel were consumed in this company’s vehicles yearly and in the last nine month of the year 2005, amount of 60263155 liters of airplane fuel has been consumed.

INTRODUCTION: Access to the goals of sustainable development would emphasize the necessity of carefulness in consumption of natural resources. Thus, it is necessary to provide and compile of bases and principles of green business, green productivity and green government in order to economize in limited resources rationally and to retain natural resources for next generations (Pineda, 2004). Therefore, this has been examined in article 66 of 4th 5 year development plan. In association to the mentioned matter, enforcing green management program in organizations for decreasing current costs and establishment of environmental management system in organizations as green management are leading proposals that have been mentioned in Article 66 of 4th 5 year development plan but acquiring sustainable development goals requires more serious attempt. It has been noted in article 66 of 4th 5 year development plan that all of the executive organizations and institutes and non-governmental organizations have to perform their operation in parallel to decrease public cost credits, using optimal consumption policies of primary resources and environmental, for enforcing green management program including energy consumption management, water, primary materials and equipment (including paper), reducing solid waste and recycling them (in buildings and vehicles) according to the regulations that will be provided by Department of the Environment and the related organizations and will be approved by ministerial board. Furthermore, green government system has emphasized an optimal economy of resources and its desire is toward decreasing consumptions and excessive costs and losses in the areas related to energy conveyers consumptions, water, paper and other materials and energy items which must be performed by organizations and companies with regard to increasing needs of the society (Iran Expertise Group,2003).

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