Implementation of Noise Policy in the 15 Member States of the EU


With the publication of the European Union’s Assessment & Management of Environmental Noise Directive 2002/49/EC in 2002, all current 15 member states have to ratify and implement the directive in the coming years. In addition, the application member states, of which there are currently 10, also have to comply with this, and other, directives over a specified period. This involves the adaptation of existing and introduction of new legislation at state, region and local levels and in several different authorities (environment, transport, industry, health, etc.). In addition, the directive requires information from the member states according to an implementation timeplan documented in the directive itself. Several member states are already well underway in their investigations. Concurrently, several projects financed by the European Union and national government have been started to produce common methodology to ensure the quality of the work behind the new noise policies and to provide a common foundation for comparative statistics. The paper will give an overview of the current state of development in the existing member states, some of the important issues raised and the tools and projects to assist the development, implementation and management of noise policy being investigated.

KEYWORDS: Noise Policy, Noise Mapping, Action Plans, Legislation, Regulations, …

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