Implementing an Energy Management System in a School


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Implementing an energy management system in a school can reduce expenditure on energy and minimise waste. This can be both as a result of on-site management/operational issues as well as through investment in energy saving (no-, low-, medium- or high-cost measures).

Carbon emissions can be reduced through the use of less energy and utilising lower-carbon fuels (e.g. renewable energy or gas in preference to oil or electricity, where this is feasible). With existing financial mechanisms these can be cost neutral or, often, generate a net financial benefit.

These processes will raise awareness amongst the school community with the possible spread of good practices to home. Development of life skills in respect of management and monitoring generally, as well as specifically in respect of resource use, with the school itself as the venue for the application of the practices (known to the students – they will have a sense of ownership, and they can see the results themselves).

A school’s reputation as a responsible and well managed organisation will be enhanced. Achievements can be promoted in the wider community as a demonstration of commitment and success and this can be utilised in publicity material issued to prospective students.

By taking this fresh approach, at Drumbeat Energy Management we can transform the way that you manage the energy consumption at your school.  It’s a simple and effective concept, one that enables you to become thoroughly proficient and self- sufficient in energy management in the shortest practical time.

Our cost-efficient energy management support service will help you to better manage your energy in-house.  The journey with Drumbeat always pays off.  The first step is the easiest – talk to us on –

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