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Implementing noise prediction standards in software

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Software requirements in the 80's

  • Until the 80's most consultancy projects were based on noise measurements due to complaints.
  • As noise legislation became more strict, noise prediction became more important.
  • New national and international noise prediction standards
  • As there was no commercial software available many consultants started to develop their own prediction software
  • First software
  • No Graphical User Interface.
  • Manual data entry, ASCII files in/out, small models

Software requirements nowadays

  • Rapidly changing customer demands since mid 90's
  • New systems: PC's, Windows, networks, system integration
  • Data import/export:  CAD/GIS data
  • Larger models: complete cities
  • Internet: Web publishing (noise maps , noise exposure)
  • Competition: graphical user interface, faster calculations, more features
  • Software development became a more complex and challenging task that involves a cross discipline team

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