Important Facts About Saltwater Remediation


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Soil that has suffered erosion due to salt, generally becomes useless to any kind of vegetation. This soil becomes crusty and if a lot of acreage is involved, it can cause upsets in ecosystems as well. While researchers have found some ways to treat these areas, the time those processes took were long and tedious. Thanks to today's technology for saltwater remediation, this process takes less time and is far greater in its effectiveness.

Sodic soil remediation is vital to maintaining vegetation in those areas affected by salt water. The petroleum industry depends on new technology for restoring normal ionic levels in soil. Without this technology, many companies would be responsible for greater damages due to salt-water spills. Sodium causing the damage can be exchanged for better ingredients such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, nitrogen or other plant nutrients. In the past, Gypsum, a naturally occurring component in the earth's crust, was the number one combatant for aggregation.

While Gypsum may work, it will take a very long time for results to be obtained. In some cases, ten or more years is a good goal. This extremely long time to hope for results is costly in terms of the use that area could be providing surrounding regions. Reducing the cost of this process is vital not only to profits, but to the environment as well.

Displacing sodium ions in soil is the goal in this process. Once this has been successfully achieved, sodium can be removed. Sodium diminishes vital nutrients and minerals needed for plant growth. Rain is one of the greatest means of flushing sodium from treated soils while some areas are treated using pumps and other equipment.

In addition to greater technology for soil remediation, new processes are also included for giving back to soil what it has lost due to salts. Many companies provide special fertilizer mixtures that replace nutrients necessary for successful re-growth of plants. Some of these mixes also provide greater nutrients for reinforcement of new plants.

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