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Improve Slurry Pump Working Life

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  1. Close suction valve before stopping slurry pump. Enough clean water should be supplied to pump all the slurry in pipeline out to avoid solid precipitated in the suction tube and volute line. Otherwise, there will be situations that affect the life of the slurry pump.

    1. Can not start the slurry pump again after the solid precipitated.

    2. Start the slurry pump with heavily shake. This is mainly caused by the precipitated slurry make the impeller rotating with eccentric force.

    3. Block the pipeline if too much precipitated slurry.

  2. Make sure every slurry pumps running in its range of concentration of slurry weight and maximum particle allowed. Too high concentration will cause the blocking of suction pipe or even worse to damage of slurry pump parts. Exceed the maximum allowable particle, the slurry pump impeller passage will be clogging, vibration occurs, this could damage the flow parts?

  3. Avoid slurry pump running with high-pressure air duct is open. In coal preparation plant, there is usually a high-pressure air duct near the slurry tank in the suction pipeline. If running the slurry pump, with the air duct open, there will be high-pressure air in the slurry, as it is lower pressure in slurry pump suction pipe, the air will expansion in the pipeline and into the high-pressure zone after pass impeller, rushed volute liner and lining plate, resulting in increased wear and tear, or even worse in volute or liner fracture.

  4. Avoid slurry pump running in lower inadequate perfusion. Coal preparation plant slurry pumps basic take perfusion installed, during normal operation, the absolute pressure will inevitably reduce in parts of the slurry suction pipe and the lowest pressure area is near the edge of the impeller suction. This lowest pressure zone with external conditions, absolute pressure difference in suction pipe, it may be lower saturated vapor pressure of the critical pressure of water, causing cavitation. The lowest pressure zone in operating is not constant, at the site dangerous pump minimum pressure, it depends on the surface of slurry in the tank and the pump suction height.

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