Improved 1D Cover Modeling

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Courtesy of SoilVision Systems Ltd.

In order to improve the stability and performance of our 1D coupled climate modeling within SVFlux, a number of example models have been set up and run in the software. It was desired that a number of represented models be selected from across North America. In this manner, represented climate conditions and material properties can be selected as a good basis for entering a wide range of models and trying them in the SVFlux software.

A series of models originally presented in the ACAP program were selected for the modeling exercise (Benson, 2007). These models represented a 1D covered design models from a series of mine sites from across the United States. Because of their diversity, they represented a wide range of possible modeling scenarios.

The geometry of these models was selected as presented by Benson (2007). The location of each of the numerical models was known and therefore the climate data for the nearest weather station was selected for the model from the National Climatic Data Centre. Material properties were approximated for each zone in the numerical model and only one-year of climate data was selected and run through the model for this particular example.

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