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Improved analyte recovery with keeper solvents

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Syncore Analyst: Evaporation to a defined volume with appendix, chiller and keeper solvent

Polychlorinated biphenyls are suspected endocrine disruptors. They are enriched in the food chain which can result in elevated concentrations in fish and meat. The concentration of some PCBs is the subject of regulations and must be analyzed by reliable methods. Often, PCBs are extracted from a matrix. The obtained extract must be concentrated before analysis. It is then crucial to maintain a high analyte recovery in the concentration procedure.

1. Introduction

The aim of this application note was to demonstrate how the use of a keeper solvent can significantly improve the recovery of analytes during evaporation to a defined volume. The Syncore Analyst can be used to concentrate analyte solutions to a defined volume through the use of a chilled appendix. However, if aggressive distillation conditions are necessary to obtain the desired final volume, analytes may be lost. The addition of a small volume of a second, higherboiling solvent helps retain the analytes in the chilled appendix [3].

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