Improved Driver Training with the Latest Version of Omnitracs Roadnet Anywhere

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The latest version of Roadnet Anywhere, v4.2, helps improve driver training with added features in Telematics — a driver ID and driver buzzer.

The driver buzzer is an in-cab buzzer that plugs into the Telematics device and can alert drivers in real time when their driving behavior, such as speeding and harsh events, exceeds a limit set by the manager. This buzzer provides real-time driver coaching instead of forcing managers to coach their drivers based on past behaviors.

Driver ID comes in the form of key fobs that can be assigned to an individual driver before they are assigned a route. When the driver begins his route, he can scan the key fob and sign in to the vehicle. By doing this, the telematics data gathered during the route can be associated with the driver and not simply the vehicle. Having this data makes it easier for managers to slice and dice their fleet data and get a better idea of how each of their drivers are performing.

Another important feature that has been added to Roadnet Anywhere v4.2 is the ability for the mobile device to read messages aloud from the dispatcher. When drivers are out on a route, a dispatcher may need to send them important messages. Thanks to this new feature, drivers can have the device read these messages aloud so that they are not forced to take their eyes off the road.

Other improvements to this version of Roadnet Anywhere include mobile-enabled screens in FleetView, the ability to start a route on one device and complete it in another, and new data management features in Insight. For more information about Roadnet Anywhere v4.2, email

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