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Improved security against thieves and vandals - case study


Courtesy of ARC Window Films Ltd.

Location: Manchester, UK
Problem: Protection against forced entry
Product: ARC CL8 PSSR

Computer equipment distributor installs a security window film and edge retention system to increase security against thieves and vandals.

Security Window Film ManchesterBurglars or vandals frequently gain access to a property through its most vulnerable point – the glazing. Windows, door panels, and glass doors are all potential entry points for thieves and vandals. This was certainly the experience of this computer equipment distributor in Manchester, UK.

Following an attempted break in, the company wanted to improve the security of the glazing and better protect their equipment. They did not wish to install iron bars all around the glazing as they believed that this would not only make staff feel that they were working in a jail, but could potentially alert thieves to the presence of goods of value on the premises. They needed a discrete solution that would improve security, without being noticed.
The Solution: ARC Security Window Film and Edge Retention System

ARC Window Films provided the ideal solution by installing a combination of a high grade security window film and an edge retention system. In the event of attempted entry the security film would hold the glass together making a quick entry much more difficult. The edge retention system would better secure the glass and film to the frames, further increasing the difficulty of entry.  The security film is completely clear, and edge retention system discrete, so the full solution goes completely unnoticed.

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