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Improvement of water-quality environment in reservoir models using flow networks

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It is known that thermal stratification and environmental problems such as water quality deterioration occur in water reservoirs. One principle cause is the stagnation of water in the reservoirs, which leads to the problems of density stratification, nutrient enrichment of algae and others. Various methods such as deep-layer mixing and forced-air injection have been utilised to counter these problems. In this paper, a new method is developed to resolve water quality environment problems in water reservoirs utilising flow characteristics of flow networks, defined as a system of mutually intersecting flow passages. It emphasises the investigation of flow characteristics in flow networks consisting of multiple pairs of intersecting passages. Self-induced flow oscillations from the exit of flow networks are disclosed, which can be utilised to enhance mixing in water reservoirs. It will lead to the improvement of water quality environment.

Keywords: flow networks, mixing enhancement, self-induced flow oscillation, water quality environment, water reservoirs

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