Improving Health in Ucayali, Peru: A Multisector and Multilevel Analysis

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We review the key determinants of health in Ucayali, Peru, identified by researchers, and, according to these, propose a set of tools to improve health in this area. Women and indigenous peoples are recognized as two vulnerable groups in the region that face greater health risks, and these are the main focus of the development of tools for health improvement. Also, the growing economic integration in the region facilitates the spread of infectious disease, thus requiring several levels of intervention. The tools discussed to improve health in Ucayali cross several scales and sectors. They include improved natural resource management, education and empowerment of women, integration of traditional and biomedical care, improved health information management, and community mobilization for health. Overall, our conclusions reinforce the limitations of the biomedical approach, which focuses on the treatment of specific pathologies in improving health. Health-system development requires the cooperation of many sectors and many actors across several spatial scales.

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