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Improving powerplant and powertrain bending in East-West engine configurations

Once installed, the powertrain experiences a natural resonance that is usually referred to as the powerplant (and/or powertrain) bending. Such resonance manifests itself into noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) concerns at the customer level. It also causes higher levels of amplitudes of the dynamic deformation and stresses leading to durability concerns. This paper addresses powertrain bending of v6 engines mounted in east-west configuration. The objective of this work is to maximise the powerplant/powertrain bending frequency. This will get such frequency outside some of the engine orders and minimise the potential for resonance. Vibration strategies have been developed and practical recommendations are made.

Keywords: powerplant bending, powertrain bending, driveline, east-west configuration, NVH, vehicle noise, vehicle vibration, harshness response, bending frequency, resonance, engine configuration, durability, amplitude levels, deformation, stresses

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