Improving Social and Ethical Compliance in the Supply Chain

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This white paper from BSI Entropy International’s CEO, Hewitt Roberts, provides an overview of the drivers for improving social and ethical performance of a company’s suppliers and the significant benefits of implementing web-based purpose-built management system software solutions to do so.


In recent years, competitive pressures, globalization and increasingly discerning consumers have forced retail corporations to increase the number of suppliers they work with and the regions globally from which they source products. As a business diversifies and deepens its sources of supply it simultaneously increases its exposure to a greater number of material, social and ethical risks in that supply chain. Given the number of suppliers typically involved and given the growing social conscience of consumers and an increasing use of the internet, the likelihood of actual brand and reputational harm as a result of poor social and ethical performance in the supply chain is greater than ever before.

As a result, most big brand retailers have not only accepted the need to take responsibility for the social and ethical performance of their suppliers but are increasingly recognizing the benefits of a proactive approach to improving supplier performance. Furthermore, they are recognizing the benefits of using web-based, purpose-built solutions to provide suppliers with the right tools and information to constantly monitor and improve supplier performance over time.

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