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IMS Consulting Europe Partner with CDP for the third year running

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We are delighted to announce that for the third year running, we have been selected as a UK consultancy partner with CDP, the world’s only global natural capital disclosure system. Carbon management, measurement and reporting are very much on the business agenda. Renewing our partnership with CDP will allow companies, NGOs and business organisations across Europe to continue to benefit from our close relationship.

IMS Consulting is a specialist sustainability advisor to national and international companies. With carbon management and reporting becoming increasingly critical business drivers we help organisations to understand their position and report it openly and transparently. One approach that we take is by working with clients on their CDP submissions, enabling companies to improve their carbon disclosure performance.

In reference to our continued partnership Paul Robins, Head of Corporate Partnerships at CDP commented that, “CDP is pleased to renew the UK consultancy partnership with IMS Consulting for a further year. IMS Consulting has a strong track record, working with companies responding to CDP and helping them to implement both good carbon management practices and sustainability into their organisations. We hope IMS Consulting will continue to be a valuable resource to our responding companies.”

We are now just one of just nine consultancies in the UK to be recognised as an Accredited Provider, which showcases  our achievements in providing valuable support to organisations wanting to respond to CDP.

We work with clients to help them better understand their carbon position and report it transparently. The CDP 2014 reports for the UK FTSE 350, French and Nordic 260

Climate Change Reports show strong performances for companies for whom IMS Consulting prepared a CDP submission (Carillion, Kentz Corporation, Klépierre, Michelin, Morgan Sindall Group, Saint-Gobain and Skanska) improved their disclosure scores from last year.

Most notably, Carillion is included in CDP’s new ‘A list’ which reveals which companies around the world are doing the most to combat climate change. The list recognizes just 187 companies worldwide, including only 19 from the UK.

Four of our clients are listed in their respective region’s Climate Disclosure Leadership Indexes (CDLI). Both Carillion and Morgan Sindall Group retained their places in UK CDLI – Morgan Sindall Group being the first non FTSE 350 company to achieve this - and Saint-Gobain remain in the French CDLI (their score having improved from 91 in 2013 to 95 this year; the first year in which we supported the company’s submission. Skanska is still the top scoring ‘Construction & Engineering’ company in the Nordics, and retains its place in Nordic  CDLI. Also in the UK, Kentz Corporation won the award for the highest ranking first-time respondent.

Over 4,500 organisations around the world are now measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions and climate change strategies through CDP, in order to set reduction targets and make performance improvements. The data is made available to all, including institutional investors, companies, policymakers, public sector organisations, government bodies, academics and the public.

IMS Consulting. Clients’ performance in CDP 2014





98 1 (95)

B (B)


87 (72)

B (B)


95 1 (91)

B (B)

Morgan Sindall Group

97 1 (91)

B (B)


96 (85)

B (B)


99 1 (92)

A 2 (A)


85 (-)

D (-)


Score not yet available

(Figures in brackets refer to 2013 results)

1 In respective Regional Climate Disclosure Leadership Indexes (UK, Nordic, France)

2 In Global Climate Performance Leadership Index

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