In-Mine Field Trials of a Particulate Filter System with On-Board Electrical Regeneration



The need to improve air quality in many North American mines is clear, with stringent new diesel emission regulations being proposed by MSHA. In response to these changing demands from customers, DCL has developed an electrically heated active sootfilter regeneration system for mining vehicles. Mining production vehicles that have often been borderline soot filter applications in the past will benefit from this technology. The system design is an electrically heated partial flow regeneration concept using a silicon carbide (SiC) wall flow filter and microprocessor-based controls. This paper presents the results obtained after six months of experimental system development and four months of in-mine prototype field trials. Backpressure behavior, regeneration time, emissions performance and temperature profiles are among some of the important parameters studied.


Emissions, Diesel Engine, Sootfilter, Diesel Particulate Filter, Exhaust Aftertreatment, Particulate Matter, Regeneration


Ceramic, wall-flow particulate filters have been an enabling technology for diese emission control for over fifteen years. First developed by Corning, diesel particulate filters (DPF) have been used in thousands of applications around the world to reduce worker’s exposure to diesel particulate. Properly engineered and applied, a DPF is an extremely effective device. Particulate reductions of over 90% are routinely achievable. There are some drawbacks, however. As diesel particulate is collected in the filter, it must be periodically burned off to prevent filter clogging and the resultan increase in exhaust backpressure on the engine. This happens when the excess oxygen available in diesel engine exhaust combines with the carbon in particulate matter to form CO2 gas, which can then pass out of the filter. The other components of diesel particulate matter, such as adsorbed hydrocarbons are oxidized also. This is known as passive filter regeneration.

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