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In Mold Lableing System, IML mold


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IML is a high-efficient technique. By placing the printed label in the mold before injection and bonding the label with the plastic products during injection process, IML can produce high-quality products efficiently, cost-effectively and also environmental friendly.

The whole system includes Injection Molding Machine, mold designed for IML, multi-function label feeding system, label for IML. 

This solution help you integrate four major elements including the injection molding machine, label feeding system, mold, and labels, which prevents from the risks of buying separately, and with features as below:

a)Injection Molding Machine 

b)Material feeding driven by AC-servo motor, lessening energy consumption and feeding precisely.

Adopting close-loop servo-valve control system, acting precisely.
c)Multi-function Label Feeding System
Patented label feeding structures enables label feeding stably.

d)Auto-stack system eases packaging process.
3-axis servo robot works very fast, precisely and stably.

e)Precision Mold:
Mold is designed for thin-wall product and high injection speed molding with hot runner and specially designed cooling circuit.

f)Label for IML Process:
Label adopts environment friendly and recyclable material.
By customers' need, the label could be designed with different graph, material and also with anti-counterfeit features.

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