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In situ bioremediation of pesticides in soil and groundwater

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This article provides a summary of the Adventus Group’s experience with treatment of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in soil and groundwater using DARAMEND® and EHC® bioremediation amendments. The firm has offered DARAMEND for treatment of recalcitrant compounds in soil for more than ten years in both ex situ and in-situ applications. Since OCPs bind strongly to the soil matrix, contamination is often limited to the upper few feet of soil, which permits use of readily available equipment for in-situ application of the DARAMEND amendments. EHC is an injectable version of DARAMEND that has been proven effective for in situ treatment of OCPs in groundwater. EHC and DARAMEND support treatment of a number of other inorganic and organic compounds and can therefore be used for mixed impacts. Formulations of these products are also available for simultaneous immobilization of heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium, and lead.

The combination of chemical dehalogenation mechanisms provided by ZVI, with the enzymatic dehalogenation mechanisms enabled when bacteria are provided with a suitable carbon source, results in a robust, multimechanism treatment approach for soil and groundwater contaminated with chlorinated compounds. This combined chemical/biological treatment method has been widely and successfully applied to soil and groundwater environments using the unique iron/carbon products DARAMEND and EHC.

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