In Situ Remediation Technology Status Report: Co-Solvents


The purpose of this document is to describe recent field demonstrations, commercial applications, and research on technologies that either treat soil and ground water in place or increase the solubility and mobility of contaminants to improve their removal by pump-and-treat remediation. It is hoped that this information will allow more regular consideration of new, less costly, and more effective technologies to address the problems associated with hazardous waste sites and petroleum contamination. This document is one in a series of reports on demonstrations and applications of in situ treatment tech- nologies. To order other documents in the series, contact the National Center for Environmental Publica- tions and Information at (513) 489-8190 or fax your request to NCEPI at (513) 489-8695. Refer to the document numbers below when ordering.

EPA 542-K-94-003 Surfactant Enhancements
EPA 542-K-94-004 Treatment Walls
EPA 542-K-94-005 Hydrofracturing/Pneumatic Fracturing
EPA 542-K-94-006 Cosolvents
EPA 542-K-94-007 Electrokinetics
EPA 542-K-94-009 Thermal Enhancements

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