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In the first quarter of 2013 LED display purchasing market is not hot but not clod


In the second half of last year, the market has experienced explosive fire this year after a quarter of government procurement LED display market seems tepid, less than last year's first quarter market performance.

    'The Chinese Government Procurement News' reporters on the Treasury designated government procurement information dissemination media - 'Chinese financial newspaper', 'Chinese Government Procurement Report' and the Chinese government procurement network in a quarter of the LED high bay light  for public tender bid announcement a summary and statistics. Statistics showed that, excluding the disclosure of information and is not unknown in the above procurement bid announcement media release procurement project in 2013 a quarter of the government procurement market to complete the procurement LED display 40.5 million yuan, compared with last year, a quarter of 52.59 million yuan was significantly diminished, reduction of 23%. Among them, the LED display purchases in January this year amounted to 11.6 million yuan, 21.24 million yuan last January's purchases big gap has shrunk half; February of this year amounted to 13.02 million yuan purchasing LED display with last February 12,850,000 yuan purchases essentially flat; March of this year amounted to 15.88 million yuan purchasing LED display, below last year's 18.5 million yuan in March purchases.

LED display for the first quarter of this year, purchases of shrinkage, the industry believes that the first quarter of this year, LED display procurement and performance of last year's hot, in stark contrast, failed to form a continued strong market trend, but rather reflects a certain degree of seasonal characteristics. This is not due to shrinking demand for LED display market is still in the development of the rising channel. Along with the deepening of energy conservation policy and twelve five energy-saving strategy forward, LED display purchases will usher outbreak.

Looking at the first quarter of the LED display purchases, even though procurement market heat better than last year, but also showed a coveted market space and development potential. Statistics showed that in 2013 a quarter of the LED display open tender a total of nearly 60 projects. From the top ten list of projects can be seen in the first quarter of government procurement ranked top ten LED display project bid amount columns are in millions of dollars or more. Among them, Fujian Xiapu Grand Theatre stage LED screen, such as procurement and installation projects and tender Agency Ltd. Fujian Jinfeng LED display purchases were 7.4 million yuan and 6.17 million yuan in the first quarter of the LED display procurement ranked Nos. 1 and 2 projects position.

From the procurement unit of view, sports stadiums and performing groups, schools, hospitals purchasing LED display is still the main force. According to statistics, a quarter of sports venues and performance groups LED display procurement bid amount is 11.49 million yuan, accounting for a quarter of the LED display for 28% of total purchases; schools LED display purchases amounted to 8.88 million yuan, accounting for a quarter of the LED display screen for 22% of total purchases. In addition, hospitals are also more LED high bay light procurement projects, but generally small relative to the winning bid amount.

In the LED display procurement, the disclosure of information in the bid announcement clear LED display types of projects, full-color is the biggest type of purchases, particularly outdoor projects, mostly full-color display. Display type is not explicitly excluded projects a full-color display procurement quarter amounted 6.57 million yuan. The color, monochrome and other types of small purchases.

Fujian LED display procurement lead the country

Procurement data from the first quarter is not difficult to see that all regions of the LED screen procurement market development is highly uneven. Fujian Province in the first quarter to 17.04 million yuan purchases led the way in all regions, with 42.1%, accounting for the absolute advantage to lead the country LED display purchases. From the statistical results found that the reason why in the first quarter of Fujian LED display procurement distant other provinces, mainly due to a quarter of the province's two major procurement projects, bid amounting to 7.4 million yuan and 6.17 million yuan, becoming the first quarter LED display two standard king procurement projects.

In a quarter of the LED high bay light procurement, Beijing, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces performance is remarkable, procurement amounted to 3.57 million yuan, 3.5 million yuan, 1.86 million yuan, 1.83 million yuan and 1.69 million million. While the other provinces in the first quarter LED display purchases were relatively small.

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