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For recycling companies choosing a paper shredder or grinder is no easy task. One has to consider shaft designs, capacity, speed, screen sizes, etc. E-waste has complicated matters even further. Increasingly, recyclers are calling upon shredder manufacturers to design machines that can shred not only paper, but computer hard drives and other electronic equipment as well. In this article we’re turning the spotlight on several of the top shredder manufacturers; manufacturers that recycling companies turn to when they need equipment to get the job done. Each of the companies in this feature has distinguished itself by providing quality, reliable products and service that meet today’s industry needs.

Allegheny Shredders
Allegheny Shredders has manufactured high-capacity shredders and cross-shredding systems; hard drive shredders and a number of different grinders and e-scrap shredders for more than 40 years. Allegheny claims to have built the first shredder in the U.S. over 7.5 horsepower. More than four decades later they’re building shredders with up to 300 hp that are capable of handling virtually every imaginable product.

All of Allegheny’s customized systems are built at its 125,000-square foot facility in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Sales Manager Evelyn Jefferson says, “We start with the steel and from there we manufacture our own conveyors, balers, hydraulic tippers, shredders, etc., using our own state-of-the-art equipment. We do as much in-house as possible, which gives us complete control over our products.” Allegheny takes pride in its customer service; people who call the company talk to real people, not computers, and are assured that their specific system needs can and will be met and fit into the space they have available. “Some time ago,” says Jefferson, “we had a customer who wanted a shredder that could handle cardboard cores. So we designed a system to crush the cores and shred them, and that developed into a great line for us. We do a lot of shoeboxing. If they have a facility and they don’t think our equipment will fit, we promise them we’ll make it fit.”

Allegheny employs about 50 people, and none of their manufacturing, installation or service is farmed out to other companies. Allegheny customers always deal directly with the company itself. Jefferson says that’s been true throughout the company’s history. Jefferson also mentioned that they have experienced tremendous growth over the past 40 years. “The year before Watergate, we sold 70 shredders,” she says. “The year after, we sold 400. Watergate really put shredding on the map, and things have only escalated since then.”

Allegheny’s Cross-Shredding™ System offers advanced shredding capability. This innovative technology developed by Allegheny provides secure destruction for high volume applications. Utilizing a two-stage shredding process, cross-shredding involves positioning two shredders at a 90 degree angle to one another. The output from the first shredder is fed into a second shredder, resulting in a much smaller shred size. The result? A highly secure output of cross-shredded pieces.

Allegheny recently introduced a rugged, high-capacity hard drive shredder to meet the growing need for destruction of computer hard drives, optical media and other electronic devices (cell phones, handheld devices, etc.). The Allegheny Hard Drive Shredder offers reliable, cost-effective destruction of obsolete electronic storage devices that pose a threat to data security. With its 7½ hp motor and high-torque drive train, the Allegheny Hard Drive Shredder can thoroughly destroy more than 25 to 35 hard drives per minute with virtually no noise or vibration.

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