In tight times - look to it for savings

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Software management systems and other IT related initiatives can often provide much needed efficiency boosts when times get tough. CEO of Wastedge.com explains how the use of technology in ones business could get your business through these tough times without the staff cut backs.

In the midst of share-price meltdowns, profit erosion, inflation, environmental levies, legislation and increased public scrutiny on management performance, some companies have the knack of thriving in a recession while others flounder. Paradoxically, when times get tough, managers who are alert to new changing opportunities, invest in staff support systems and operating excellence rather than cut-backs.

Back in the 90’s when times were tight, many companies found considerable savings by investing strongly in IT systems to speed-up business transaction through-put. Given that the waste industry generally lags behind other transport sectors (such as courier companies) in applying new IT facilities, now might be a good time to use the new second wave of web and mobile technology options to catch up!

New Information Communication Technology (ICT) under the richer faster Web 2.0 user interface enables collaborative application mash-ups (eg: pop-up a Google Maps search screen inside your skip job booking browser to help customers pinpoint their own address). So web technologies are making it easier for different software applications to work with and talk to each other. These add-on web facilities also provide new connectivity and data sharing options out to your mobile

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