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In-Transit Sludge - Odor Control


Courtesy of Rusmar Inc.

Products & Equipment Used:
  • Pneumatic Foam Unit NT/5 (ELECTRIC)
  • AC-904 (BLACK) Long Duration Foam
  • AC-905 (RED) Long Duration Foam

Application Summary:

The Lynn (MA) Water and Sewer Commission's (LWSC) incinerator, dedicated for burning sewage sludge, was shut down because of emissions that exceeded regulatory limits. LWSC contracted Waste Management of Boston/North, Inc. to have the sludges transported to Waste Management's Turnkey Landfill facility. This entailed trucking the sludges through 7 miles of a heavily populated residential area. Odor complaints to the mayor's office necessitated that Waste Management and the LWSC to come up with a remedy.

Rusmar Incorporated AC-904 (Black) product was applied atop each truckload of sludge material prior to leaving the LWSC facility, and the odor complaints ceased immediately.

At a DOT checkpoint en route to Turnkey Landfill, a DOT representative noticed that one of the sludge trucks was not tarp covered. This was because Rusmar Incorporated's AC-904 (Black) foam product had fully formed a membrane, which took on the characteristic look and color of the sewage sludge. The tarp was not needed, but the DOT representative was not convinced. Rusmar Incorporated developed AC-904 (Red) foam to clearly show that the sludge transport vehicles were covered effectively when traveling at speeds up to 65 MPH, and this problem was also resolved.

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