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Inciner8 Provides the Solution for Mounting RDF Problems - Case Study


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  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Client: Recycling RDF Facility
  • Waste Type: MSW / RDF
  • Incinerator Supplied: i8-1000 with Autoloader & PCS

In the United Kingdom it is becoming increasingly expensive to dispose of non-hazardous waste, the cost of landfill has been rising and the figures are showing no signs of slowing down, the same of which can be said for RDF A.K.A. Refuse Derived Fuel. RDF starts off its life as municipal waste which is then cleaned and processed to remove metals, recyclables, non-flammable materials to leave mostly plastics, paper, cardboard and wood.

The incinerators supplied to RDF facilities are state of the art, utilizing continuous loading systems which allow for a completely enclosed operation along with cutting-edge pollution control devices in the form of ceramic filtration, to reduce emissions in-line with EU / UK regulations. The i8-1000 is the largest incinerator in our range, with a burn rate of >500kg per hour and sharing the same design characteristic of our entire product range – simple and efficient operation.

With RDF being a clean fuel, incineration is absolutely the best method due to the combustible properties of the waste.

Operating in excess of 850ºC ensures that the pollution control system has a much simpler and more predictive process to carry out, resulting in clean, complete burn cycles.

The installation of an i8-1000 equipped with automatic loading and pollution control makes for the most environmentally sound and cost-effective solution on the market for those looking to dispose of RDF.

Features & Benefits

  • Continuous operation
  • 2 second retention time at 850ºC
  • High capacity chamber
  • Advanced pollution control

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