Increased plant efficiency, City of Checotah, Oklahoma


Courtesy of Byo-Gon, Inc.

The City of Checotah, Oklahoma was experiencing excessive solids, foam and grease in their 0.5 MGD extended aeration activated sludge treatment facility.

With a daily average flow of 0.25 million gallons per day, the plant had tremendous amounts of foam and grease in the aeration basin with the sidewalls caked with sludge. The centerwells of the clarifier were filled with foam and grease. The surface of the clarifier and the weir troughs were covered with foam. The operators were spending approximately 4 hours per day cleaning the clarifiers.

BYO-GON PX-109 was recommended to the plant operator as a solution. An initial dose of 13 ounces per day was administered to the plant over a 24-hour period. Thereafter, a daily maintenance dosage of 13 ounces per day was continued.

  • There was no longer foam, grease, or caked sludge along the walls of the aeration basin.
  • The centerwell of the clarifier was free from foam or grease.
  • The foam in the weir troughs and on the surface of the clarifier was eliminated.
  • The operators were able to clean the clarifiers in less than 15 minutes each day.

With the significant reduction of the sludge blanket in the clarifiers, thje amount of sludge passing over the clarifier weirs was reduced by approximately 90%.

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