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Increasing employee engagement and motivation case study


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How to assure employees are engaged and aligned with corporate core values

This leading European company in the automotive industry faced a change in strategic direction, a downsizing of the corporate centre by more than 20% and new expectations for the organisation’s core values to guide behaviour change, convey direction and purpose and communicate what was important.

Two key challenges were presented:

  • Unlock workforce potential by increasing engagement and motivation
  • Assure employees are engaged and aligned with corporate core values

We provided a pragmatic consultative approach – first working to understand the client’s business style and the challenges and pressures facing the organisation, then conducting one-on-one interviews with all members of the Leadership Team to identify the three key issues .

To support rollout of the new model, we facilitated workshops that made clear the link between the organisation’s values and performance management and worked with general managers to ensure that the model made allowances for the differences in operations and cultural sensitivities for each country.

The model provides the client with a performance management framework and a tool for coaching - essential to developing a high-performance culture.

Summary key programmes deployed:

  1. Leadership engagement programme - Bringing people together
  2. Employee self-responsibility programmes - Self-Leadership

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