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India’s contribution in carbon emissions – a case study on Delhi region

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Global warming due to increase in green house gases especially carbon dioxide has changed the earth’s climate forever. Therefore, this paper is an attempt to find how much does Delhi contribute to global warming? And what role should India play in solving this problem? The study reveals that the major cause of increase in green house gases in Delhi is because of the increased number of vehicles and industrial units. One important finding of the paper is that carbon dioxide emission from new vehicles, especially those which hit Indian roads after 2005, are emitting more carbon dioxide, a green house gas responsible for global warming. The second important finding that came to light as a result of the study was that the contribution of air pollution from vehicle emission increased from 23% in 1970–1971 to 72% in 2000–2001. Delhi’s total carbon emission at 15.41 million tonnes is one-third of London which emits 44 million tonnes of CO
per annum.

Keywords: carbon emission, green house effect, Kyoto protocol, Copenhagen summit, carbon budgeting, global warming

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