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Indoor Air Quality Complaint Response


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Hygieneering’s Industrial Hygiene department recently responded to Indoor Air Quality concerns by occupants in a hospital following a localized fire within their building.  The response including conducting air sampling for potential contaminants associated with the fire and an evaluation of remediation efforts.  Recommendations were provided to change air flow patterns to better isolate the area to reduce odors from reaching occupied hospital areas.  Hygieneering provides safety consulting, environmental consulting, testing and training, asbestos project management, emergency response services and more. Hygieneering’s team of Certified Industrial Hygienists and other staff professionals provide indoor air quality testing, mold inspection and industrial hygiene exposure assessments. Hygieneering, Inc.'s safety consulting services include OSHA safety training on the topics of OSHA construction training, OSHA general industry training, fall protection, lockout/tagout, confined space and more.  For more information contact George Guidarelli at 630 654-2550.

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