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Industrial Anaerobic Biological Fermentation - Case Study


Courtesy of GLS Tanks International GmbH

The cooperation between the above mentioned innovative companies forces to impressive results. Hager & Elsässer planned the Aquatyx R2S reactor-technology which is installed in glass lined steel tanks from GLS Tanks International.

AQUATYX is primarily for industrial anaerobic biological fermentation of highly polluted wastewater, as they are to also found for example in the paper industry.

The two-step, into a tank mounted GLS system, characterized by a low footprint, high degradation rate and gas yield, low energy costs and high reliability of operation.

The sometimes highly polluted waste water and the resulting biogas provide the highest standards of the corrosion resistance of the tank system.

Thus, the described advantages come fully to bear, of course a reliable and corrosion-resistant tank system is needed. This adds up the advantages of GLS glass lined steel tanks to the AQUATYX technology.

Utmost corrosion resistance and no bacterial growth on the tank wall give the whole system longevity and minimize the required maintenance. Then there are the advantages of quick assembly, the extensibility and in case of inspection easy to clean.

Above all, the possibility of dismantling and reconstruction of GLS tanks to a different place, represents financially a considerable advantage.
In contrast to all other existing tank designs in the market, an investment to a GLS tank-system is no loss after a estimated use (lifetime).
Quite the contrary, even after the actual duration of use of GLS tanks, the possibility of re-use represents a value.

Aquatyx and GLS Tanks Int. GmbH is the ideal combination for the efficient fermentation in the industry.

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