Industrial Dryer Drives Fast Economic Development of Central China


Courtesy of Henan Kefan Mining Machinery Co,.Ltd

In recent years, China has been greatly influenced by the global economic crisis, and the engineering mechanical industry encounters winter season which caused some companies to stop production or even close down; and the dryer machine manufacturing industry also suffers a lot. Drying generally refers to process in which the heat air makes water in the materials evaporate and brings it away, and now many companies need to use this process, like food, medicines, chemistry and refractory and other industries. This year the Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed railway was officially put into operation, and the economic corridor strung by the high-speed rail brings new vitality to the dryer machine industry and new business opportunities to the engineering machinery industry, and at the same time drives the scale development of the companies, thus directly promoting economic development of central China.

The information from the Ministry of Railways shows that with the gradual pickup of the investment in railway, the corporate performance of the engineering machinery companies is hopeful to gain powerful support and the market demands for the mechanical products especially earthmoving machinery, road paving equipment, dryer machine and lifting machinery are expected to grow. In addition, according to the construction plan of national water conservancy works, the agricultural machinery will welcome new development opportunities.

According to the analysis of the insiders, the high-tech machinery products will also welcomes its brand-new spring. Represented by new type dryer machine, the main products of Henan Kefan Machinery include sand drying machine, rotary drum dryer, coal slim dryer, ball mill, rotary kiln for sale and gas generator and all of the products are widely used in many industries such as mining, building material, coal, chemistry, metallurgy, refractory, food, agriculture and plastic additive industry.


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