Industrial Laundry-3


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

The facility was trying to expand its market share by increasing the industrial linen operations. The facility washes a combination of ‘clean’ linens as well the ‘heavy’ linens from industrial clients in the form of shop towels, bar mops, and printer towels. The pretreatment system included the use of a 93% sulfuric acid, coagulant, calcium chloride for increased solids and settling rate, lime for pH adjustment and solids to help settling, and an anionic flocculant. The treatment costs were averaging about $5,600/month treating about 60,000 gallons/day for an average cost of $234/day or $3.90/1,000 gallons. Since the facility was washing more of the industrial linens, it was concerned about staying in compliance with the local POTW.

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