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For many years industrial laundries discharged their effluent into the local sanitation plant without any restrictions. Now, when applying for a new discharge permit, the laundries are required to meet the new guidelines established by the EPA These requirements are normally as follows: 100 PPM for fats, oils and greases; and 250 PPM for total suspended solids.

Some laundries immediately rushed out and purchased equipment to treat their wastewater. At best, this equipment was old technology that was expensive and required intensive manpower.


Hydrocal's new technology achieved outstanding results and provided savings in capital outlay, electrical power, manpower and maintenance. Manual attendance is extremely minimal. In fact, the CAF system is so simple and effective, competitors do not wish to run-side-by side trials against the CAF system.

The sludge or 'float' removed by the Hydrocal CAF unit is approximately 4 - 7% solids. This sludge is currently processed through a plate and frame filter press. The cake from the press is then hauled to a landfill.

These laundries are extremely pleased with their new plants. Their problems have been solved simply and economically.

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