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Industrial Media Filtration Systems, Philippines

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In July 2013, Pure Aqua successfully manufactured industrial media filtration systems to a major company in Philippines to remove particulates, chlorine, organics, and odor from well water. The industrial media filtration systems were selected from our MF-1000 Series with 48' and 42' diameter steel tanks, Aquamatic valves, and are controlled by digital stagers. Since their initial startup, the industrial media filtration systems have been operating accordingly with minimal trouble-shooting.

Industrial Media Filtration Systems at Pure Aqua, Inc. are designed and manufactured to rid water of suspended solids, turbidity, unwanted taste, smells, and color. The water is purified through the a media filtration system in which filters are made up of different types of sediment within the filter bed, intermingled with light rough media on top and heavy smooth media on the bottom. Industrial media filtration system makes for a most effective filter because the entire filter is catching unwanted impurities. Due to the fact that the entire filter is being used, the filter lasts longer because it requires more salts and unwanted sediments to fill it up.

At Pure Aqua, Inc. there are six types of filter media that could be used in an industrial water filtration system. The first media is sand, and this mediums use in the filtration system varies based upon the goal of the system and the particle size. Calcite can also be potentially used within an industrial media filtration system, particularly for neutralizing acid by dissolving it at a consistent rate. Manganese Greensand is employed for the specific purpose of treating water with iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide present. Anthracite is typically used to remove smaller scale turbidity. Activated Carbon is used in an industrial water filtration system in order to remove unwanted chlorine, odor, and taste within water used for drinking. The final option for a media filter is ProSand which offers an altered performance of the filters due to the uniqueness of the natural minerals used.

System Overview

Location : Philippines
End-User : A major company
Capacity : 3 x 181,400 GPD
Water Source : Well Water
Objective : To remove chlorine, TSS, and turbidity from water
Application : Potable and General Use
Start Up Date : 2013
Operating Conditions:  
  • Chlorine Feed
: 0.5 ppm
  • Maximum Design Pressure
: 100 psi
  • TSS
: 10 ppm
  • SDI
: Less than 7
  • Turbidity
: 3 NTU

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