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Industrial Skid Mounted Filtration System, USA

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In April 2013, Pure Aqua successfully manufactured and supplied to a major wastewater treatment site in the USA with a skid mounted twin alternating multi-media water filtration system to remove suspended solids from well water. The multi-media filtration system comes complete with an advanced PLC,  ASME coded and stamped tanks, twin alternating arrangement, pressure transmitters, butterfly SS actuated valves with battery backup, stainless steel face piping, in/out pressure gauges, and drain line flow controls (DLFC). The system was selected from our MF-1000 Series. MLF-84A uses an 84” diameter tank to handle a flow rate of 120 GPM.  Since its startup, the filtration system has been running smoothly with minimal trouble-shooting.

For satisfactory results, the system utilized the following grades of media: Anthracite, Silica Sand, and Gravel. Anthracite is a high quality semi-metallic coal discovered back in 1790 in Pennsylvania, USA. It is the purest type of coal and claims the highest level of coalification amongst all other coals.  Anthracite claims the largest carbon and energy content along with the fewest impurities such as moisture, volatiles, and ash. It is a filter medium that is recommended to remove the extra silica found in water and discards lighter weight turbidity. Anthracite is known to have larger service flows and lasts longer amongst other comparable filters. Its exclusive density permits it to be mixed with other multi-media filtration media. Its consistent and outstanding performance is acquired by paying close attention to purity, hardness and graduation. Silica Sand takes its name from silicon dioxide, a chemical compound. It is specifically graded for water filtration systems and can be used as a filtration medium or underbedding. It is hard, dense, and sturdy grains prevent degradation when being handled and used. Silica Sand comes in the following particle shapes: angular to sub-angular and round to sub-round. These shapes encourage a positive flow and equal distribution. Depending on its particular size and application. It is widely used in residential, municipal, and industrial applications. But before being applied, silica sand must meet the following specifications: purity, porosity, acid solubility, and specific gravity. Gravel is an efficient way of water filtration. It consists of granule to boulder sized rock fragments deposited and piled on by rivers and waves. This naturally occurring rock denies the passage of debris in water and only permit water to flow through. It’s spherical shape allows positive water flow with equalized distribution in filtration beds. High silica content, low soluble calcium, iron, and magnesium compounds are amongst gravel’s outstanding chemical properties. To accomplish proper filtration, the grades of gravel have to be loaded into the tanks in the following order: coarse grade, medium grade, fine grade.

A multi-media filtration system is the most efficient and most economical selection. It is typically used for Drinking water, storm water, irrigation water, cooling water, swimming pool water, water fountains, reverse osmosis pre-treatment, and ion exchange pre-treatments.

System Overview

Location : USA
End-User : Wastewater Site
Capacity : 120 GPM
Water Source : Well Water
Objective : To remove suspended solids from water
Application : General and potable use
Start Up Date : 2013
Plant Product Quality : 10 micron
Operating Conditions:  
  • TSS
: 25
  • Maximum Working Pressure
: 150 psi
  • Turbidity
: 10 NTU
SDI : Less than 5

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