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Industrial vehicles expected to increase more than 5% in 2013


Twelve quarter of 2013 China's industrial vehicle industry trend is not clear up, but the end of the second quarter, the third quarter will rebound, annual sales volume is expected to return to the 2011 level, while the average annual growth rate is estimated to be up to 5 % to 7%. 'Industrial Vehicle Branch Secretary-General Zhang Jie, China Construction Machinery Industry Association, said in an interview with the China Industry News reporter.

Industrial growth in the number of vehicles 15 times over the past decade.
Looking back at the development of the industrial vehicle industry in the past few years, said Zhang Jie, after considerable and rapid development from the start of this century, the industrial vehicles. Sales from 20,000 units in 2001, soared to 31 million units in 2011, the 15-fold growth in a decade.
Affected by the slowdown of the domestic economy, China's industrial vehicle sales started down from the third quarter of 2011, has been extended to July 2012. However, from 2011 sales, called reach the last decade sales, the growth rate of the peak. Year, including exports the domestic industry vehicle sales of 310,000 units, an annual growth rate of more than 60%.
2012 compared to last year, sales have declined. Industrial Vehicle steel rim(Llantas de Acero) Branch Data show that domestic manufacturing enterprises of powered industrial vehicles sales in 2012 totaled 28.8662 million, a year-on-year decline of 7%.
2012 exports of industrial vehicles showing three characteristics. First, in terms of geographical distribution, the export of China's industrial vehicles from Europe and the United States and other developed countries to developing countries such as Brazil, Turkey metastasis. Second, the period of time from the point of view, better export situation in the first half, the second half of the export situation is grim. A number of countries have set restrictions on imports of industrial vehicles, such as Brazil raised import duties, compressed profit margins for Chinese enterprises export. Third, trade friction is gradually increased. Some domestic enterprises in order to expand the market, have depressed the prices easily lead to confusion export market, on the other hand is also prone to foreign countries for our products carry the anti-dumping.
The competition has become more intense, the increase in industry concentration. Forklift(Electric Pallet Truck) industry, for example, together Hangcha Linde before three combined market share of 50%. Domestic enterprises such as Heli, Hangcha, etc., over the past few years the growth rate soon. Foreign giants also have to seize the Chinese market, the world industry, the top 16 industrial vehicles companies have all entered China. Linde earlier time to enter China's market share in China is also higher.

Industry structure change
The 2013 industry pattern of whether there will be new changes? In this regard, Zhang Jie's view, since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the industry structure has begun to change.
In the 2008 financial crisis, difficulties in the production and operation of small businesses have to cut production, work stoppages or even close down. However, due to the crisis in a relatively short time, and then began the explosive growth. Some backbone enterprises duration, supplier and special car industry failed to meet the market demand, a number of SMEs and to return to the industry. Some of the shorter duration, the market need for special models, often by small businesses to contract down. After mid-2011, however, the industry, the situation to go down now yield dozens, hundreds of small business development encountered difficulties.
Industry, the proportion of foreign-funded enterprises, the past few years has also been changed. For example, two foreign-funded enterprises have stopped production in China, one in China, the performance peaked in 2007. May be a few years later, the forklift is difficult to achieve a breakthrough, the operating profit decline in its factory in China in 2010, has been suspended. The forklift sales enterprises in China are imported, and sales decline in the number of units more.
In addition, the new host companies entering the industry point of view, most of them have a certain strength, small business, if there is no special advantage is difficult to gain market share. Longgong, Liugong, Shantui well-known construction machinery enterprises have been poured into the forklift industry; automotive industry, Chery, BYD, have also take advantage of their respective strengths to get into the field of industrial vehicles. Jiangsu and Zhejiang and Anhui Some companies use a centralized advantage, the existing forklift supporting local enterprises also began production of forklift trucks.
As for industry mergers, restructuring, Zhang Jie, so far, affected by various factors, the success stories of the merger and reorganization of the industry compared to other industries is still relatively small. She said that if the two companies to produce complementary products, such a case, the merger more likely to occur. Also, if companies want to open up new regional markets, such as the Southern companies want to develop the sales network in the north, may be carried out in the north mergers. However, many domestic enterprises do similar products, so the industry merger case is not too much.

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