Industrial waste sorting plant with refuse derived fuel, location: south of Germany


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Sorting and production of marketable recyclables made of bulky refuses, building site waste and industrial waste (paper, cardboard, plastics, wood and metal). Refuse derived fuel production made of production-, industrial- and building site waste.

Realisation of a mechanical process line for the sorting of pre-shredded industrial-, building site and bulky waste in different potential recyclables (Fe, Ne, plastics, paper, cardboard). At the same time all troubling materials are extracted.

After the comprehensive legal restrictions for the dumping of insufficient treated refuses came into force, combustibe material is not only processed in thermal waste treatment plants, but is also merchandised as refuse derived fuel to industrial combustion plants, furnaces, cement works and power plants. This plant produces refuse derived fuel in a second line.

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    Looking for a domestic waste segregation equipment ( sorting of waste) for a landfill site to determine its waste composition