Industrial Wastewater: Nitrification Inhibition Tests


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Is the biology in your sewage plant working properly?

During aerobic and anaerobic decomposition reactions nitrogen from nitrogen-containing organic substances is first converted to ammonium.   The subsequent two-step microbial oxidation of ammonia to nitrate via nitrite is called nitrification. In soil as well as in water it is performed by nitrifying bacteria, a fact which is used for the purification of waste water in sewage plants. Nitrification is an important step during waste water purification in order to keep the concentration of ammonia ions in the effluents of the sewage plant as low as possible. Additionally, nitrification is prerequisite for the denitrification for complete nitrogen elimination, which is required for waste water treatment in many countries.

The solution for nitrification control: BioFix® A-Tox and N-Tox
With BioFix® nitrification inhibition tests you can now easily determine the nitrification inhibition in waste waters of all kinds as well as nitrification inhibition by individual substances or substance mixtures. Below some information about this test:
BioFix nitrification inhibition test A-Tox N-Tox
of inhibition test.

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