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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Success Stories

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

This facility receives and treats oily wastewater from industrial clients. The water is treated with an initial oil/water separator, collected in a reaction tank where Floccin-J is used at a dosage of 325 lbs/18,000 gallons, then dewatered using a filter press. The results of the preliminary tests with just Floccin-J are shown below:

This facility imports and accepts a variety of industrial wastewaters including: plating, cutting oils, paint, carwash, printing, textile and many others. The facility treats an average of 300,000 gal/day of these combined wastes.

The current treatment process uses pH adjusting with acid or lime, ferric sulfate, metal precipitate, and a flocculant. The treatment often requires a second treatment or combination with other streams to meet their discharge permit. Often there are regulated compounds in the treated water that require extra labor and treatment to maintain compliance.

Treatability with Floccin™ Products

The facility is evaluating the efficacy of the Floccin products versus their chemistry. Based on analytical results, the Floccin™ products have proven to reduce the heavy metals far below their current levels.

Analyte* Untreated Treated
Antimony .087 <.01
Arsenic .35 <.13
Barium .68 <.01
Cadmium .14 <.02
Chromium 8.929 <.03
Cobalt 1.1 <.01
Copper 40.85 .19
Lead .69 <.1
Mercury .76 <.1
Molybdenum 4.218 .45
Nickel 10.31 <.05
Selenium .938 <.16
Silver .198 .021
Tin 1.874 .12
Titanium .997 <.002
Vanadium .213 <.05
Zinc 18.08 <.018
*Units are in mg/L    

Current treatment costs according to EPA published reference, 'Economic Analysis of Effluent Limitations Guidelines and Standards for the Centralized Waste Treatment Industry', December 1998, are at of $0.18/gallon based on 205 sites and the treatability studies have shown the Floccin™ Products costs are less with lower residual levels making it easier to meet the regulatory discharge limits.

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