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Industry leading drilling fluid dewatering


The drilling industry is regulated by a myriad of environmental regulations that protect our air, water, and land resources. As these regulations continue to evolve, so too must the technologies utilized by the drilling industry. Though lowering compliance costs is always a worthy initiative, incorporating technology that also enhances the drilling process by improving down-hole conditions and lowering the consumption of chemicals and drilling fluid additives is the ultimate goal. KEMTRON’s proprietary Drilling Fluid Dewatering (“DFD”) Technology lowers the costs associated with drilling fluid make up, lowers the costs associated with used drilling fluid disposal, improves the properties of the drilling fluid while drilling therefore improving the rate of penetration (“ROP”), and ultimately reduces the impact to the environment. As such, KEMTRON’s DFD Technology is the key element in 100% closed-loop waste management systems; therefore saving time, money and the environment.

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