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IndustrySafe safety software and airport SMS case study


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is proposing additional regulation that would require certified airports to develop and implement Safety Management Systems (SMS) for their entire airfield environment (including movement and non-movement areas) to improve safety at airports hosting air carrier operations. An SMS is a formalized approach to managing safety by developing an organization-wide safety policy, developing formal methods of identifying hazards, analyzing and mitigating risk, developing methods for ensuring continuous safety improvement, and creating organization-wide safety promotion strategies.

While a software system is not required to comply with the safety management system requirements of the proposed regulation, software can greatly benefit airports subject to Part 139 regulation. This white paper reviews the way in which the IndustrySafe Safety Software program in particular can assist airports in achieving a compliant SMS.

IndustrySafe Safety Software is a web-based safety data management solution developed by TRA so organizations can track hazards, incidents, corrective actions, training, claims, inspections, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more. IndustrySafe clients include leaders in manufacturing, construction, government, and transportation, including airports and ground services providers. TRA is proud to participate in the American Association of Airline Executives conferences and exhibits.

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