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IndustrySafe safety software case study



IndustrySafe Safety Software is a web-based safety data management solution developed by TRA so organizations can track incidents, corrective actions, OSHA reporting, training, claims, inspections, hazards, behavioral based safety, and more. IndustrySafe clients include leaders in manufacturing, construction, government, and transportation.

General IndustrySafe Overview -Professional
Incidents. The Incidents Module enables organizations to collect relevant incident data, from near misses, to vehicle incidents, to employee and non-employee injures, to environmental releases (or any combination thereof) and analyze trends with extensive incident reporting tools. Users can generate accurate regulatory reports, including OSHA logs and annual reports. Automatic e-mail alerts can be configured to provide various types of incident notifications.

Corrective Actions. The Corrective Actions Module enables organizations to generate follow up and recommendations for modules within IndustrySafe including incidents, security incidents, and unlinked events. Automatic e-mail alerts notify key responsible parties of open, overdue and closed corrective actions. Escalating e-mail notification alerts are also available. The Corrective Actions Module also includes pre-set reports that can be generated to display logs for overdue, coming due, and open corrective actions.

Dashboards. The Dashboard module displays key safety performance indicators for incidents, corrective actions, inspections, tasks, and observations. Users can at a glance view their key safety performance indicators. Users can select from a wide variety of indicators, those they want displayed in their dashboard. Users can also filter their key safety metrics based on their locational hierarchy (i.e. a specific business group, region, country, facility etc.)

Hazards Module. The Hazards Module can be connected to the Incident Module (and/or other modules) allowing detailed hazard analysis to be completed as part of Incident Investigations. The Hazards Module enables organizations to identify, analyze and remediate hazardous conditions. The module is designed to allow employees to enter hazards and safety professionals to evaluate the hazards.

Inspections. The Inspections Module includes forms and pre-built checklists, enabling management and inspectors to perform and track compliance rates of on-site safety inspections. Checklist items are linked to detailed OSHA regulatory standards from 29 CFR 1910 and 1926. IndustrySafe also includes a wizard that allows System Administrators to upload pre-existing checklists into the safety inspections module.

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