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Inflatable water toys may be the killer


The heat of the summer is the peak season of the children to swim, many parents would pick a nice swim ring to increase the safety factor, but the spare tire is really safe.?

In the wholesale market, many businesses regard the spare tire placed in a prominent position, duck, fish shape of love handles a wide range, attracted a lot of people come to buy. Gem blind foreign language labeling, make it difficult to identify. This spare tire with them can be reassuring it?

This spare tire really like the merchant publicity so magical it? Reporters learned from the quality supervision department, the implementation of the national standards of life buoy with the spare tire is not the same, usually the market Inflatable swim ring known as inflatable water toys, wear resistance and compressive strength than the poor, prone to breakage leak even burst, such spare tire can only play a supporting role in the water-based recreational activities, is not life-saving products, such as used in the Sham Shui Po District, the pressure is too large, there will be a slow leak phenomenon.

According to the provisions of the Product Quality Law, pay attention to the view’s name and address, if the imported goods, must be Chinese and Chinese identity, at the same time pay attention to see if there 3C certification mark. 3C certification is a national compulsory product certification, but many businesses indifference.

Many inexpensive spare tire texture is very thin, poor flexibility and rough work, and some also exudes a strong plastic smell, could not find any warning signs and instructions Make the site.

According to state regulations, this inflatable water toys, must be in striking position, the security identity. Example: must be under the supervision of an adult, or for use in shallow water, and other related security identity.

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