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Cleaning industry is continuously evolving. The technological growth reflects on the changing facets of all cleaning machines, including car detailing equipment. If you want to buy the latest and most innovative machine, you have to be abreast with the changing trends in the cleaning industry.

This article provides the latest innovations and features of car detailing equipment, specifically of carpet cleaning machines used for cleaning the car carpeting. Other cleaning machines, such as pressure washers or steam cleaners, are used for cleaning car exteriors and other interior surfaces, such as dashboard, doors, and more.

Latest Technologies
Conventional carpet cleaner machines used a lot of water, took longer drying times, and provided slow and inefficient cleaning. The latest carpet extractors from the most respectable brands on the market come with technologies, such as low flow, adjustable temperature, and inline heating, that provide enhanced cleaning and faster drying times.

Some of the sophisticated car detailing equipment, nowadays, can create temperatures of up to 210ºF within just five minutes, due to the powerful heating system. The best thing is that the users can adjust the temperature as per the particular carpet fibers. Moreover, the low-flow technologies reduce water usage and hence the drying time.

Other Features
Some of the latest car detailing equipment offer pressure levels of up to 220 psi and come with water tanks as large as 17 gallons. The suction power of the most advanced car wash equipment is also superb. The green chemicals available these days make the cleaning task even more simpler. Experts recommend pre-spraying the carpets with these chemicals before using the auto carpet cleaner machines. The chemicals pose no threat to the environment, rather improve indoor air quality and help relieve allergy and asthma symptoms. Additionally, the auto fill and auto dump features available with car wash equipment from some of advanced cleaning machines suppliers on the market end the need to manually fill water into the machine and then take out the dirty water.

Hoses and Wands
The length of the hoses used along with a steam car wash machine has increased as well. Some of the latest auto detailing machines come equipped with hoses of length 25 feet. That means the users can cover an area of about 2000 square feet without even moving the machine. You may normally not need to clean such large areas in auto detailing. However, if the need arises, these machines can be handy. The four inch upholstery wand available with the latest auto carpet cleaner systems helps clean car upholstery really well.

So, buy a steam car wash machine from the best supplier and that features superior technologies and features for enhanced cleaning.

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