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[INFOGRAPHIC] Quench water coolers can help eliminate common water dangers


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Americans are a thirsty population and water continues to be the most popular drink of choice in the United States. In fact, according to Beverage Marketing, Americans are consuming water in greater quantities than ever before, drinking 1.2 times more water than they were a decade ago. This increase has led to a total of 91 billion gallons of water consumed in 2011, an astronomical amount. Unfortunately, despite the increased amount of water consumption, the fact of the matter remains that most traditional drinking sources are still unsafe or inadequate.

Many Americans who spend long hours at work often turn to their office water coolers as their primary source of drinking water. However, these coolers often do an inadequate job of sanitation and ultimately end up as sources of contaminants and other unwanted elements. Ergo Web reports that there are an estimated 2.7 million germs on office water spigots around the country. Traditional 'jug' office water coolers are 'open' systems, meaning that bacteria, viruses and parasites can make their way into the water.

Another popular source of drinking water among Americans is the copious selection of bottled water brands available to them. However, bottled water, while relatively clean, has a tremendously detrimental impact on the environment. According to LiveScience, the American bottled water market requires approximately 43 million barrels of oil each year for production alone.

Many Americans also turn to their local water systems, which produce drinking water that is then pumped through taps. Unfortunately, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, these systems often do a substandard job of filtering out numerous contaminants and even carcinogens. Some of the harmful organic compounds within most water supplies include toluene, which can cause nerve damage, and haloacetic acids. Meanwhile, the list of inorganic compounds that often seep into water supplies is even more dangerous. Lead, cyanide and arsenic are commonly found, with arsenic a particularly dangerous element that can cause cancer. Finally, most dangerously of all, radioactive elements such as radon and uranium have been discovered in some local water systems.

The best drinking water solution is bottleless water coolers from Quench. These water coolers use 5-stage activated carbon filters, in addition to reverse osmosis filtration and UV sanitization. Five-stage carbon filtration does a great job of removing sediment, chemicals, heavy metals and other impurities. Meanwhile, UV filters eliminate up to 99.9 percent of bacteria, viruses and parasites. The anti-microbial surface protection ensures that the water stays pure all the way to the glass.


[INFOGRAPHIC] Quench water coolers can help eliminate common water dangers

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