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Information communication technology (ICT) - its waste and consequences

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Information Communication Technology (ICT) growth is important for achieving the millennium development goal. It has the revolutionary actions which create changes in the official processes and invoke tremendous change in this field as people are more dependent on the ICT products and services like mobile phones, computers and laptops. The serious concern which the author tries to highlight in this paper is the improper handling of ICT devices and huge amount of waste generated by electronic companies and other anthropogenic activities. Study is focused on unmanaged ICT–wastes and their related health hazard due to the emission of electromagnetic waves in its manufacturing and disposal process. At the discussion it is highlighted that ICT–waste management practices are now opening new door of employment with specialised logistics for the collection and effective treatment of ICT–wastes during recycling, avoids dissemination of the hazardous pollutants to the environment and their effect on health.

Keywords: ICT, solid waste management, practices, environment, waste disposal, information technology, communications technology, electronics waste, health hazards, recycling, logistics, waste treatment, environmental pollution

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