Information on Waste Management Practices

The European Topic Centre on Waste (ETC/W) has prepared this technical report on the design of catalogues on waste management and waste minimisation. During the initial stages of the work, it became evident that basic work related to data, structure and definition of common code-lists was necessary to ensure that the catalogues, at a later stage, can be used as integrated parts of the ETC/W data and information structure, and hopefully also link in a meaningful way to other datasets available at the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The objective of this report is thus to connect the information in the catalogues with the proposed data structure. For each catalogue the general frame and objectives are presented and explained.

Catalogue (I) regarding waste management and cleaner technology institutions/ centres has the objective to provide information on institutions/centres that on the basis of a continuously evolving work can provide a free or very low-cost information service on the issue of waste management and cleaner technology. The information will be collected through a questionnaire that will be sent directly to the institutions/ centres. The first part of the questionnaire contains questions to identify the centres, the second part aims at giving a more detailed characterisation of the activities performed by the centres.
Catalogue (II) regarding waste management plans, has the objective to give an overview of waste management plans, on local, regional and national level, notified to the Commission. It is the intention to make structured abstracts of selected plans and ensure that the abstracts will be comparable.
Catalogue (III) regarding competent authorities has the objective to give a comprehensive overview of the competent authorities related to the issue of waste management and minimisation. This listing of competent authorities in the Member States is directly related to catalogue (II) on waste management plans and catalogue (IV) on waste management strategies and instrument. This listing gives an introduction to the administrative system in the Member States and thereby to the level of the decision makers.
Catalogue (IV) regarding waste management strategies and instruments has the objective to describe the actual situation concerning waste management practices in the Member States. The notified waste management plans already received by the Commission cover strategies for the long term, e.g. four, five or ten years, for only a few Member States.
The objective of catalogue (V) is to describe preventive approaches. The different Member States’ strategies and instruments to further cleaner technology and waste minimisation are described in some detail. The catalogue will also characterise cleaner technology/waste minimisation schemes and provide a tool for evaluating successes and drawbacks of different approaches. There is a lack of general definitions in this field but data collection is being organised with this taken into account.
The target groups of all the catalogues are to a large extent identical and very broad. In addition it is recognised that the potential users of the catalogues will have different needs. In general the target groups will be the European Commission, national and regional administrations, industrialist federations, local administrations, individual companies and interested individuals.

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