Infoworks cs: the continuing success story


Courtesy of Innovyze

The genesis of InfoWorks CS was in 1982 with the arrival of the mainframe-based WASSP program. Subsequent versions included WALLRUS in 1987 and the first Windows-based version, HydroWorks in 1994, which marked the start of the solution’s rise to popularity as the new interface enhanced its appearance and ease of use.

InfoWorks CS itself was formally released in 1999 and marked a significant change from HydroWorks. Sales Manager, Andrew Walker, notes, “When a new solution is launched, particularly when it supersedes one as well-regarded as HydroWorks, it has to be what is known as a ‘killer application’ - one that people will understand immediately is absolutely necessary for them.

”The massive advantage of InfoWorks CS was its ability to transfer data seamlessly to and from third-party applications such as GIS, Excel and Word files. This was as revolutionary a concept in its day as HydroWorks had been before it and it is a key part of the reason why the solution has been adopted so widely, particularly in the UK.”

Over the years since its launch, Wallingford Software has added many modeling tools, though the simulation engine - underlining its basic effectiveness -- has not changed dramatically. Mr. Walker notes: “The tools have enabled clients to build the model more effectively and confidently, and to be able to justify their results better. The improvements have revolutionized the way people work, and have provided a real focus to attention to detail. The solution’s ability to provide an audit trail is particularly important in the UK.”

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