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This technical note aims at introducing Infranomics, as a crucial discipline for this century. Neither authorities, nor industrial or academic bodies could afford to ignore the advent of the convolution of opportunities and risks accompanying the implementation of the new generation of infrastructures. The shape of our society will be determined by the characteristics of, and the services delivered through, those infrastructures. It is argued that Infranomics is the body of disciplines supporting the analysis and decision-making regarding the metasystem (e.g., the totality of the technical components, stakeholders, mindframe, legal constraints, etc. composing the set of infrastructures). Infranomics is the set of theories, assumptions, models, methods, and associated scientific and technical tools required for studying the conception, design, development, implementation, operation, administration, maintenance, service supply, and resilience of the metasystem. Because none of the currently existing disciplines provides a complete solution, infranomics will be the discipline-of-disciplines grouping all needed knowledge.

Keywords: critical infrastructures, system-of-systems, metasystems, scientific disciplines, resilience, tangibles, intangibles, infranomics, new generation infrastructures, decision making

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