Inhibition of unwanted nitrification

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Courtesy of SURCIS, S.L.


The respirometer utilized in this study corresponds to the BM-Advance model, with the following main features:

  • Compact analyzer, with very low maintenance and user friendly operation
  • Direct oxygen measurements from a maintenance-free oxygen sensor
  • No oxygenation restriction during test performance
  • Full control and results by means a powerful software already loaded in the PC
  • Automatic software update versions from internet
  • Capacity for test conditions setting and modify them throughout the test performance.
  • Three different operation modes: R, OUR and Cyclic OUR
    • R mode: Automatic measurements of Rs (exogenous respiration rate), CO (consumed oxygen), bCOD (biodegradable and readily biodegradable COD),
    • U (COD utilization rate) and q (specific U)
    • OUR mode: OUR (oxygen uptake rate) & SOUR (specific OUR)
    • OUR cyclic: OUR & SOUR within a continuous sequential chain of measurements
  • Last, minimum, maximum and moving average results at any time during the test
  • Several results at any time during the test and option to see them simultaneously on tabular or graphic modes
  • Option to open several stored tests and compare their results
  • Automatic temperature control integrated in the own console
  • pH monitoring and automatic control system
  • Option for ORP monitoring, simultaneously to pH
  • Package of measurements at any moment during test performance
  • Capacity for different respirograms and their simultaneous overlying
  • BM respirometers measure data that can be directly input into modeling – simulating software
  • Option for a special reactor assembly for moving beds bio-films (MBBR)

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