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Injection mold buying decision in China


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Injection mold buying decision most of the times is taken by financial people not by technicians.

They just compare injection mold tooling prices between Chinese and American or Portuguese injection mold companies. What they forgot to compare is if the Chinese or the American or the Portuguese company are quoting the same quality plastic injection molds.
That happens to me several times discussing prices with American customers... I just ask some questions like does the Chinese injection mold tooling quote you have consider Hardened Slides? Do they consider Be-Cu inserts on a specific area of the cavities? Do they consider inserted cores with air all around to release easier the part?

After successive negative replies. I finally said. My dear friend you are comparing a plastic injection mold tooling concept similar to a Mercedes with a regular car, and you say my plastic injection mold tooling quote is more expensive then the Chinese, but we can not compare things that are completely different.

You need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples. I have seen good Chinese plastic injection molds, and ones that look great, but are made of substandard steels. He is right that most of the time you have a buyer making decisions that have no experience. That is one thing that I have experienced on more than one occasion. That is why, I am representing 4P plastic injection molds out of Portugal. With the strength of the dollar coming back, it makes tooling from Portugal even more competitive.

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